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BLine is a Human Capital & Management consulting firm that facilitates the cultivation of our clients’ human assets.

At BLine, we are more than Human Capital and Management consultants, we are business partners. BLine is a team of experienced professionals who work in a synchronized rhythm to provide the maximum support to our partners, which only leads to the desired successful outcomes.

At BLine, we celebrate uniqueness, embrace creativity, and we thrive on having fun. We use a consultative approach, ask the right questions and speak the language of our customers in order to reach personalized innovative human resources and management solutions.

Our passion for continuous development drives our future; it is the lens through which we view our different business solutions.

We advocate our customer’s success by delivering the extraordinary as our ordinary.

BB Holding

During our vast growth, we took revolutionary steps introducing to the market our three subsidiaries: Bbusinesss for Learning and Development Solutions, Bline for Human Capital and Management Consulting, and B1 Creative Studio.


BLine is launching with rich scope of services, yet with a very confident focus on the key areas that will help you develop your organization in a sensible, profitable and timely manner. With the efficiency, development and satisfaction of your resources in mind, BLine is well equipped to analyze your objectives and design the proper solutions for your needs.

Brand Story

Your business success is our bottom line.

We help our clients drive bottom line results.

We help our clients gain competitive advantage through their people.

We help our clients evaluate the most complex corporate decisions.


BLine operates from 3 physical offices in the MEA region serving more than 14 countries

BLine operates from 3 physical offices in the MEA region serving more than 14 countries

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